Old fashioned prawn and crab sandwich

Fresh New Year's Eve Endeavour prawn and Blue swimmer (sand) crab sandwich sanga sarnie sambo Gary Lum

New year’s eve tea with Mum and Dad consisted of blue swimmer crab [also known as sand crab] (Portunus armatus) and blue endeavour prawns (Metapenaeus endeavouri) on Tip Top™ white sandwich bread with real butter, aioli, salt, and pepper.

Fresh endeavour prawns purchased from Morgan's seafood. Gary Lum.
Fresh endeavour prawns purchased from Morgan’s seafood.
Fresh blue swimmer crabs (sand crabs) purchased from Morgan's Seafood. Gary Lum.
Fresh blue swimmer crabs (sand crabs) purchased from Morgan’s Seafood.

I hope this sandwich takes you back to childhood eating prawn sandwiches. This one is a bit luxurious with some crab meat too.


  • Blue swimmer crab (sand crab)
  • Endeavour prawns
  • Tip Top white sandwich bread
  • Butter
  • Aioli
  • Salt
  • Pepper
Blue swimmer (sand) crab meat. Gary Lum.
Blue swimmer (sand) crab meat
Peeled endeavour prawns. Gary Lum.
Peeled endeavour prawns


  1. Top up the credit card with savings.
  2. Go to the seafood market and buy crabs and prawns.
  3. Remove the shells from the prawns. There is no need whatsoever to remove the alimentary canal. People who do this have too much time in their lives. There is nothing wrong with eating some prawn faeces. It’s not a big deal. I mean, I even eat pig intestines.
  4. Remove the legs from the crabs.
  5. Split the body of the crab through the sagittal plane with a sharp cook’s knife.
  6. Remove the hard carapace and remove the meat.
  7. Remove the meat from the claws and legs.
  8. Wrap the prawn and crab shells in a suitable container and put them into the freezer until the night before the rubbish bins are emptied and taken to landfill. Alternatively put all the shell material into some salted boiling water and make a stock.
  9. Lay out two pieces of fresh bread.
  10. Apply butter to both slices of bread.
  11. Add some aioli to one slice of bread.
  12. Add some of the crab meat on top of the aioli.
  13. Add some prawns.
  14. Season with pepper.
  15. Put the other buttered slice of bread on top.
  16. Cut the sandwich (in Australia also known as a sanga or sarnie or sambo) diagonally.
  17. Consume the sandwich.
  18. Smile.
  19. Enjoy new year’s eve.

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Happy New Year

I hope 2020 is a good one for you

I buy my fresh seafood from Morgan’s seafood market.

Author: Gary

I like to eat

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