Mayver's Peanut paste Lindt balls

Mayver’s dark crunchy roasted peanut paste

At work, as a snack, I’ll suck on a teaspoon of Bega Dark Roasted crunchy peanut paste.

I shared a photograph of my weekly work snacks with a friend (GC) and she mentioned her favourite peanut paste is Mayver’s, although she had not yet tried the dark roasted variety.

COVID-19 work snacks. Bundaberg ginger beer, sultanas and cranberries, and crunchy dark roasted peanut paste.
COVID-19 work snacks. Bundaberg ginger beer, sultanas and cranberries, and crunchy dark roasted peanut paste.

I bought a bottle the other day and yes, it’s a glass bottle and when I picked it up I could see the contents were not as thick and ‘solid’ as the Bega product which comes in a plastic jar and is quite dense.

When I put a spoon into the Mayver’s product, it penetrated the surface easily and was much easier to scoop. The odour from the bottle was also delightful and not as strong as the Bega product.

Mayver's Peanut paste Lindt balls
Mayver’s Peanut paste Lindt balls

The taste is very different between the two. The Bega product is salty and almost adhesive in terms of mouthfeel. In comparison, it has a cloyingly sweet aftertaste. A spoon of the Bega product makes speaking really difficult as it clings to the palate.

In contrast, the Mayver’s product tastes more natural and authentically like peanuts and is much less salty (even though sea salt is added). The Mayver’s product also has no added sugar so that’s great for me. It does look and feel a little more oily than the Bega product, but that’s not really a problem. I found it didn’t cling to my palate as much as the Bega product and there was no lingering aftertaste.

The Mayver’s product isn’t cheap but it’s not outrageously expensive at $AUD5 for 375 grams.

I’m happy to give this 👍👍 (two thumbs up) and I’m grateful to GC for putting me on to this new delight.

For those who don’t understand why I refer to this as peanut paste and not peanut butter, it’s because when I was a young boy, there was legislation in Queensland and a couple of other states which only permitted the word butter to be used for fair dinkum butter made from milk. I’ve always referred to it as peanut paste.

I reckon this Mayver’s peanut paste will taste great with a tarty jam or marmalade on a piece of fruit toast. I tried a little on a slice of a pink lady today and it was very nice. 

I’m also keen to see how Mayver’s peanut paste will combine with coconut cream and curry.







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