Hawaiian pizza Yummy Lummy-style

Hawaiian pizza Yummy Lummy-style 

I’ve now been making a pizza on Friday nights for a few months. I’m grateful to my Italian pizza mentor, GC, who has been helping with flavour combinations for toppings and different ideas.

Me in my Spam Hawaii T-shirt with a tin of Bacon Spam with a background of Acacia pycnantha Wattle

It’s been a most enjoyable exploration into an area I never thought I’d venture. 

While I remain very much the student, my “big kid” attitude started thinking on Thursday about venturing somewhere beyond the traditional (and possibly acceptable).

Out of respect for GC, I did ask if we’d still be friends if I went out on a limb. Fortunately, GC is a very accommodating soul and agreed we can remain friends. 😊

Hawaiian pizza Yummy Lummy style

I’ve noticed on some on-line food forums the thought of pineapple on a pizza stirs up high emotions. I’ve certainly eaten pineapple on pizza before, and I don’t mind it. Given a choice though, like if I’m paying for a pizza or making one, generally, I avoid pineapple. Tonight will be the exception which proves the rule. 😉

Pizza base (bread making machine)


  • Water 200 mL
  • Olive oil one tablespoon
  • Iodised salt one teaspoon
  • Caster sugar one teaspoon
  • Bread flour 375 g
  • Tandaco yeast one sachet (1¾ teaspoons)
Hawaiian pizza Yummy Lummy style


  • Follow the dough making instructions for your machine
  • Split the dough into two and put one portion into an airtight container and refrigerate for a week.
  • Roll the remaining dough on a lightly floured surface into a 25 cm round for a thin based pizza.
  • Place onto a lightly floured baking tray.
  • Add selected toppings.
  • Bake in a preheated oven at 250 °C for 12–15 minutes.
Hawaiian pizza Yummy Lummy style


  • Diced bacon flavoured Spam
  • Crushed pineapple
  • Tomato paste
  • Mozzarella 
  • Gorgonzola
  • Baby capsicums
Hawaiian pizza Yummy Lummy style

Most people think ham and pineapple when they think of Hawaiian pizza, but for me, Hawaii means Spam. I mean check out my T-shirt. 🍕

Hawaiian pizza Yummy Lummy style

I was very happy with how this turned out. It tasted delicious and best part was the gorgonzola contrasting with the sweetness of pineapple. 🍍







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