The first mango of the season

My favourite fruit is mango.

My favourite mango is the Kensington Pride. The Kensington Pride or Bowen mango is sweet firm and never has that turpentine-like after taste.

The Kensington Pride is also never stringy or fibrous and the seed is relat small and flat.

When green, the Kensington Pride does well with curry powder too.

Kensington Pride mango with blueberries and no added sugar yoghurt.​
Kensington Pride mango with blueberries and no added sugar yoghurt.






2 responses to “The first mango of the season”

  1. Jen Avatar

    I adore Bowen mangoes too Gary, definitely my favourite fruit (probably a tie for me between bananas and mangoes…a good mango beats a good banana…but bananas are much more versatile and are tasty year round in Queensland, so I eat bananas most days…but a good mango is a very special experience!). I recently learned that Kensington Pride/Bowen mangoes are okay to grow from seed (unlike a lot of mango varieties that aren’t true to type). I’m planning on planting two trees in my back yard (fingers crossed I can keep them alive!).

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  2. Gary Avatar

    I wish you every success in growing both trees. Growing up, we had a backyard tree, and its fruit was the sweetest and juiciest.


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