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  • Pressure cooker beef brisket

    2021-09-18 by

    Dear Reader, Readers who got here from Facebook know that I set up this site to try to get past the Facebook ban on Yummy Lummy. I’d appreciate your going to my main food blog and reading this recipe there and please subscribe too 🙂 You nearly received a post about corned silverside tonight, but… Read more

  • Saturday lockdown dinner. Laksa flavoured roast pumpkin soup.

    2021-09-11 by

    Dear Reader, Because Facebook has banned my main food blog, I’d really appreciate if you read this recipe on my main blog, otherwise feel free to read on here. Last week I was chatting with a friend at work. She’s a “grad”. “Grads” are part of a workplace graduate program common across government departments in… Read more

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