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  • Brisket, gravy, and potato mash

    Brisket, gravy, and potato mash

    For dinner, I took the remaining deckle meat from the brisket I cooked last night and enjoyed it with the remaining leftover gravy and some packet potato mash.

  • Leftover brisket and gravy roll

    Leftover brisket and gravy roll

    A great way to use leftover brisket is in a sandwich or a roll. This was a great roll to enjoy after church today.

  • Rump and noodle salad

    Rump and noodle salad

    Leftover rump and cold noodle salad with chilli oil

  • Rump medallions and salad

    Rump medallions and salad

    I cooked this rump medallion in a water bath and then seared it in a cast iron skillet. The salad was simple and colourful.

  • Cold noodles

    Cold noodles

    I made a cold noodles dish this evening with Udon noodles after enjoying a cold Soba noodle dish at Tokyo Canteen for lunch.

  • KFC, salad and a spider

    KFC, salad and a spider

    Tonight I finished the KFC 21-piece bucket. I made a salad to go with the chicken. I enjoyed a spider with creaming soda for my dessert.

  • Crumbed chicken and salad

    Crumbed chicken and salad

    It’s Boxing Day and after yesterday’s gluttony I’m trying something less indulgent.

  • Christmas eve KFC

    Christmas eve KFC

    Dear Reader, It’s been a while since I bought a 21-piece bucket. Back in the day, I could eat an entire bucket in one sitting. I’m too old for that now. Besides, I have plans for this chicken for my Christmas lunch. If you want to see what happens with it, visit Yummy Lummy tomorrow…

  • Chicken and corn with noodles

    Chicken and corn with noodles

    Living alone can be a challenge. Making easy meals helps. I like cooking in bulk on weekends and using cooked meat and vegetables during the week. Tonight I took some chicken and corn which I’d cooked in the pressure cooker, and made a simple soup with instant noodles.

  • Affogato


    It’s been a long year, a long day, I ate a large lunch, and I couldn’t be bothered cooking dinner. So, instead of cooking something healthful, I went with making affogato with Magnum ice cream.