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  • Lamb shanks

    Lamb shanks

    The star of tonight’s meal is the garlic bread I’m posting to Yummy Lummy. I’m eating it with lamb shanks. Recipe Equipment Ingredients Instructions Photographs Endnotes Roux. Making a roux is simple. Melt the butter in a saucepan, stir in all the flour, and whisk for three minutes. Three minutes will ensure the taste of…

  • Spinalis dorsi and lettuce

    Spinalis dorsi and lettuce

    I love spinalis dorsi. I love it more than most other cuts of beef.

  • Roast chicken and vegetables

    Roast chicken and vegetables

    I’m feeling lazy so tonight is a simple roast chicken maryland and vegetables dish using frozen vegetables and instant gravy.

  • Cold salmon and noodles

    Cold salmon and noodles

    It’s Monday. That usually means I’m cooking and eating salmon. Tonight, it’s cold salmon and noodles. I used some chilli oil for a little kick. My tongue and lips feel very spicy right now.

  • Brisket, gravy, and potato mash

    Brisket, gravy, and potato mash

    For dinner, I took the remaining deckle meat from the brisket I cooked last night and enjoyed it with the remaining leftover gravy and some packet potato mash.

  • Leftover brisket and gravy roll

    Leftover brisket and gravy roll

    A great way to use leftover brisket is in a sandwich or a roll. This was a great roll to enjoy after church today.

  • Rump and noodle salad

    Rump and noodle salad

    Leftover rump and cold noodle salad with chilli oil

  • Rump medallions and salad

    Rump medallions and salad

    I cooked this rump medallion in a water bath and then seared it in a cast iron skillet. The salad was simple and colourful.

  • Cold noodles

    Cold noodles

    I made a cold noodles dish this evening with Udon noodles after enjoying a cold Soba noodle dish at Tokyo Canteen for lunch.

  • KFC, salad and a spider

    KFC, salad and a spider

    Tonight I finished the KFC 21-piece bucket. I made a salad to go with the chicken. I enjoyed a spider with creaming soda for my dessert.