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  • Brisket, gravy, and potato mash

    Brisket, gravy, and potato mash

    For dinner, I took the remaining deckle meat from the brisket I cooked last night and enjoyed it with the remaining leftover gravy and some packet potato mash.

  • Leftover brisket and gravy roll

    Leftover brisket and gravy roll

    A great way to use leftover brisket is in a sandwich or a roll. This was a great roll to enjoy after church today.

  • Pressure cooker beef brisket

    Pressure cooker beef brisket

    Dear Reader, Readers who got here from Facebook know that I set up this site to try to get past the Facebook ban on Yummy Lummy. I’d appreciate your going to my main food blog and reading this recipe there and please subscribe too 🙂 You nearly received a post about corned silverside tonight, but…

  • Pressure Cooker Brisket

    Pressure Cooker Brisket

    Dear Reader, I’ve never cooked brisket in a pressure cooker before. I’ve only ever done it in a slow cooker.  If I can cook something in the slow cooker, why can’t I do something in the pressure cooker? At first, I thought I might be my usual lazy self and dump the entire lump of…