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  • Leftover congee and pork belly

    Leftover congee and pork belly

    Tonight I made leftover congee and pork belly. It was a good meal on a Friday night after a long week.

  • Lux congee

    Lux congee

    Last week I concocted a congee with Italian Arborio rice and tri-colour quinoa. I used pulled chicken thigh meat and bacon as the meat. Tonight, I have pulled beef short rib and Speck for lux congee. Ingredients Beef short rib fingers (3) Diced Speck (100 g) Dried anchovies (1 handful) Italian arborio rice (1 cup) […]

  • Chicken and bacon congee

    Chicken and bacon congee

    Dear Reader,  How are you travelling with work and life at the moment? Tomorrow, I’m presenting at a national scientific conference. My paper is on two Acts that occupy a good portion of my work time. I’m grateful to my workmates, who drafted the presentation for me. This conference will be the first I will […]