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  • Pickled pork belly fried rice

    Pickled pork belly fried rice

    Check out this amazing meal which will have your mouth tingling like there is a party in it. Pickled pork belly fried rice with loads of Bird’s-eye chillies to keep your tongue and lips alight.

  • Spam fried rice

    Spam fried rice

    Tonight I’m making Spam fried rice. Check out the recipe and feel free to leave me comments.

  • Kangaroo fried rice

    Kangaroo fried rice

    Hello readers, tonight I’m using leftover sous vide kangaroo to make fried rice even Skippy (the bush kangaroo) would want to eat. 🦘

  • Fried rice with pork three-ways

    Fried rice with pork three-ways

    Fried rice with pork three-ways Ingredients Pork belly Long grain rice Chilli Chinese sausage (lup chong) Speck (smoked pork belly) Spring onions Red onion Frozen peas Soy sauce Marmalade Cooking sherry Queensland nut oil Iodised salt Black pepper Instructions Cook rice in the morning and refrigerate. Slice the lup chong. Dice the speck. Cook the […]