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  • Sichuan Papa, Everton Plaza, Brisbane

    Sichuan Papa, Everton Plaza, Brisbane

    Last night I went to Sichuan Papa at Everton Plaza in Brisbane’s north side. Sichuan Papa has just opened a week or so ago. The people working are quickly developing their work flow. It wasn’t distractingly evident that the people working were getting into the swing of working in a new space. The menu is…

  • Creamy lamb and vegetables

    Creamy lamb and vegetables

    unsplash-logoJohn Fowler Creamy lamb and vegetables Creamy leftover lamb and vegetables with fresh mint, fennel, red onion, and radish. I cooked this lamb on the weekend. For the details on how I cooked it check out this post. Ingredients Leftover slowly roasted lamb shoulder roll Plain flour (this is not a low carb meal) Butter…

  • Leftover lamb for Sunday lunch

    Leftover lamb for Sunday lunch

    Leftover slowly roasted lamb shoulder roll Last night I slowly roasted a lamb shoulder roll. It was a really good meal. I set some of the lamb aside for lunches. I used some today to make my lunch. Ingredients Leftover lamb Celery Carrot Cream Red wine Worcestershire sauce Dried Italian herbs Almond flakes Crushed peanuts…