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  • One pizza, four meals

    One pizza, four meals

    One pizza made on Friday night has become four meals. This use of leftover pizza is how I’m approaching portion control.

  • Pork sausage sandwich

    Pork sausage sandwich

    I love working from home on Fridays. I can cook lunch. Ciabatta fried in a nudge of Lurpak butter, melted provolone, sliced tomato and avocado and the last pork sausage, halved and fried in butter served with mushrooms and onions. I also had a great morning tea too. Tonight was pizza.

  • Friday night meat-free pizza

    Friday night meat-free pizza

    It’s Friday night, and that means pizza. I had some dough in the refrigerator from last week for tonight. When I opened the container, I noticed the dough was more moist than usual, and it also had a bit of a sour, funky sort of smell. It was more like sourdough. I’m bloody hopeless at […]

  • Hawaiian pizza Yummy Lummy-style

    Hawaiian pizza Yummy Lummy-style

    Hawaiian pizza Yummy Lummy-style  I’ve now been making a pizza on Friday nights for a few months. I’m grateful to my Italian pizza mentor, GC, who has been helping with flavour combinations for toppings and different ideas. It’s been a most enjoyable exploration into an area I never thought I’d venture.  While I remain very much the student, […]

  • Meat-free pizza

    Meat-free pizza

    Another Friday pizza, this time it was sans bocconcini and sans meat. The aim was to get a crispy base rather than a soggy bottom which happens when I load up on the bocconcini balls. I don’t like a soggy bottom 😜 I should listen to my friend GC more about achieving a crispy pizza […]

  • Slow cooker caramelised onion pizza

    Slow cooker caramelised onion pizza

    #meatfree It’s Friday and I worked from home today. The last few Fridays I’ve been making a pizza for tea so I thought I would try to keep this going. Given I was home I figured I’d caramelise some onions in the slow cooker. 

  • Leftover refrigerated pizza dough with ham, bocconcini, ham, and Kalamata olives

    Leftover refrigerated pizza dough with ham, bocconcini, ham, and Kalamata olives

    A blogger friend reckons if I leave pizza dough in my refrigerator for a week or more it will sour and the pizza base will have a sourdough-like taste. So this is an experiment. I am enjoying this pizza dough venture 😃🤤 I’m grateful to my friend GC for getting me on to it. What […]

  • Pepperoni and anchovy pizza

    Pepperoni and anchovy pizza

    Do you like anchovies? I like them so I used an entire tin of anchovies on this pizza. Next time I’ll add olives too.

  • Homemade pizza

    Homemade pizza

    Thoughts on the meal I made my first pizza on the weekend after encouragement from GC.