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  • Pressure Cooker Brisket

    Pressure Cooker Brisket

    Dear Reader, I’ve never cooked brisket in a pressure cooker before. I’ve only ever done it in a slow cooker.  If I can cook something in the slow cooker, why can’t I do something in the pressure cooker? At first, I thought I might be my usual lazy self and dump the entire lump of…

  • Slow cooker rump roast

    Slow cooker rump roast

    Dear Reader, It’s a cold, cloudy day in Canberra, with a maximum forecast temperature of eight degrees Celsius today. That’s 46 °F for any reader in the USA, Liberia, and Burma. It felt like a good day to have the slow cooker on as well as the heating. While grocery shopping this morning, I saw a nice…