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  • Chicken and corn with noodles

    Chicken and corn with noodles

    Living alone can be a challenge. Making easy meals helps. I like cooking in bulk on weekends and using cooked meat and vegetables during the week. Tonight I took some chicken and corn which I’d cooked in the pressure cooker, and made a simple soup with instant noodles.

  • Sous vide chicken and pressure cooker pumpkin soup

    Sous vide chicken and pressure cooker pumpkin soup

    Recipe Equipment Pressure cooker Stick blender Water bath Water heater/circulator Ingredients Chicken thigh and drumstick Pumpkin Ginger Shallot Spring onion MSG Pepper Maggi original seasoning Instructions The night before place the chicken into a vacuum bag and add some Maggi original seasoning. Seal the bag and put it into the refrigerator. The following day, cook…

  • Chicken and pumpkin soup

    Chicken and pumpkin soup

    This was a surprisingly good soup. Well worth the effort of using the pressure cooker. Give it a go.

  • Irish stew turned soup

    Irish stew turned soup

    My friend GC mentioned she was making soup this evening too and she had some nice fresh Italian bread from her bakery. It got me thinking that this stew would go well with some nice crusty bread and Lurkpak butter. So as the stew was close to finished cooking, I ran out and bought a…

  • Slow cooker pea and ham soup

    Slow cooker pea and ham soup

    Today was a pea and ham soup sort of day. I’ll have enough of this for lunches this week. I won’t be lighting any matches tonight that’s for sure.