Purple cauliflower cheese and pork knuckle

I made purple cauliflower cheese and pork knuckle 

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Pork knuckle, sauerkraut, and apple sauce

Pork knuckle, sauerkraut, and apple sauce

For the full recipe, check out the post at Yummy Lummy.

Coles Australian Pork knuckle
Pork knuckle, sauerkraut, and apple sauce with potato mash and instant gravy



  • Slow-cooked Australian pork knuckle
  • Polish sauerkraut
  • Australian grown apple sauce
  • Potato mash
  • Instant gravy


  • Turn on the oven and heat it to 220 °C.
  • Remove the pork knuckle from the packaging and dry off the surface with kitchen paper.
  • Put the pork knuckle onto a lined baking sheet with the rind exposed.
  • Cook the pork knuckle for about 50 minutes.
  • Remove the pork knuckle from the oven and allow it to rest.
  • Tear off the crispy crackling and set it aside.
  • Dissect away the cooked muscle meat from the bone.
  • Slice the meat and place it onto a dinner plate.
  • Spoon some sauerkraut onto the dinner plate.
  • Spoon some apple sauce onto the dinner plate.
  • Irradiate the potato mash with microwaves.
  • Place the potato mash onto the dinner plate.
  • Boil some water.
  • Put a tablespoon of instant gravy powder into a glass jug and then whisk through the boiling water.
  • Pour the gravy over the potato mash.