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  • Pork sausage sandwich

    Pork sausage sandwich

    I love working from home on Fridays. I can cook lunch. Ciabatta fried in a nudge of Lurpak butter, melted provolone, sliced tomato and avocado and the last pork sausage, halved and fried in butter served with mushrooms and onions. I also had a great morning tea too. Tonight was pizza.

  • Sausages, frozen vegetables, and gravy

    Sausages, frozen vegetables, and gravy

    Tonight was a very simple meal. I had an unpleasant experience this morning when two men tried to relieve me of my wallet while I was out walking. By the time I got home after work I didn’t feel like cooking much. Ingredients Beef sausages Frozen capsicum, corn, black beans, and peas Gravox™ gravy Instructions…