Trying to be healthful albeit with streaky bacon

I worked from home today. While on teleconferences I cooked lunch. It was mostly vegetables, but there was some streaky bacon too.

I cut some streaky bacon and started cooking it in a frying pan with low heat to gently render the porcine fatty goodness and to get the muscle nicely cooked but not burnt.

I then added in some sliced leek, spring onion, and red cabbage and sautéed that until the cabbage was soft.

After the red cabbage and leeks were tender, I tossed in some diced red and green capsicum. My aim was to get as much of the cellular water oozing out so I could turn the heat up a little and start to get some colour and caramelisation going with the aid of the pork fat.

Once I felt the base of this meal was set, I added in the kale sprouts and put a lid on to get these kalettes sweaty.

I then put the bulk of the cooked bacon and vegetables into a container and into the refrigerator for later. I put what was left into an ovenproof dish and added some cheese.

I cooked this at 200 °C for 15 minutes and enjoyed a cheesy vegetable dish with a little bacon for lunch.






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