Chicken drumstick and salad

Dear Reader, 

I made this last night and received lovely feedback from some people in a Facebook group, so I thought I’d write the recipe. 



  • Water heater and circulator 
  • Water bath 
  • Vacuum chamber 
  • Plastic vacuum bags 
  • Grater 


  • Chicken drumstick – skin on because I’m lazy, and life is too short for removing the skin. 
  • Strawberry jam – not homemade jam, just a store-bought variety. 
  • Soy sauce – ideally, use low sodium if you have hypertension. 
  • Red cabbage – I like the bright colour of this cabbage. I don’t know if red cabbage has more phytonutrients than regular green cabbage varieties. I grated the cabbage with a simple grater. 
  • Carrot – shredded with a simple grater.  
  • Spring onion – sliced. 
  • Red chilli – I like the bright red colour pop you get with the red chilli. 
  • Unsalted mixed nuts – these were unsalted because I have hypertension. 
  • Sultanas 
  • Dried cranberries 
  • White peach – I prefer white peaches because the flesh is firmer. 
  • Honey – I like honey from Beechworth. 
  • Praise light whole egg mayonnaise – I know some people complain about using low-fat products, but for middle-aged men with metabolic syndrome, lowering fat makes sense. 


  1. This week I thought I’d cook a batch of chicken drumsticks. Each drumstick has less than 150 grams of meat which is a good portion. 
  2. I added the drumsticks, strawberry jam, and soy sauce to a plastic vacuum bag. 
  3. I sealed the bags after removing the air in a vacuum chamber. 
  4. Cook the chicken for two hours at 76 °C. 
  5. Refrigerate the chicken in the bag. 
  6. Add all the salad ingredients into a large bowl and toss the salad. 
  7. Serve the salad on one side of a plate. 
  8. Place a chicken drumstick on the plate. 
  9. Give thanks to the Lord. 
  10. Eat with a fork and handle the drumstick with your fingers. 

Final thoughts

I hope you share your thoughts in the comments if you make this. 






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