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  • Chicken drumstick and salad

    Chicken drumstick and salad

    I made this last night and received lovely feedback from some people in a Facebook group, so I thought I’d write the recipe.

  • KFC, salad and a spider

    KFC, salad and a spider

    Tonight I finished the KFC 21-piece bucket. I made a salad to go with the chicken. I enjoyed a spider with creaming soda for my dessert.

  • Porterhouse steak and radicchio salad

    Porterhouse steak and radicchio salad

    There is nothing special about tonight’s meal or this post. I’ve been so busy I’ve not been able to find inspiration in anything I want to cook so when I went grocery shopping I picked up a steak and some salad stuff. Check out the blog post at Yummy Lummy.

  • Pan-fried deboned chicken thigh

    Pan-fried deboned chicken thigh

    I’m really enjoying the extra effort to remove the femur from my chicken thighs. Sometimes I tie them up and use surgical knots, tonight though I just laid it flat and seasoned it with iodised salt, freshly ground black pepper, and some fresh thyme and rosemary.

  • Oven cooked pork rasher and salad

    Oven cooked pork rasher and salad

    Thankfully it’s Friday. I had a couple of pork rashers in the refrigerator and some salad stuff.

  • Baked salmon and pork sausage with avocado salad

    Baked salmon and pork sausage with avocado salad

    It’s Monday so that means salmon. Tonight it also meant a pork sausage too.

  • Baked salmon and salad

    Baked salmon and salad

    Another long day at work. I’m glad I bought a couple of pieces of salmon this morning rather than my usual one for Monday night. It made it easy to quickly cook dinner when I got home. Ingredients Salmon fillet Balsamic glaze Cos lettuce Fennel Red onion Radish Lime juice Olive oil Cherry tomatoes Instructions…

  • Leftover lamb salad

    Leftover lamb salad

    I had a really full day today and all I could manage was to make a really basic salad and add some lamb to it. It tasted great but there’s nothing special here.

  • Sous vide pork cutlet with mint salad and spring onion butter sauce

    Sous vide pork cutlet with mint salad and spring onion butter sauce

    Check Yummy Lummy’s latest post Please visit my post at Yummy Lummy on my second work trip to Norfolk Island and check out what I ate. I’m back after spending four days in Norfolk Island for work. I’ve put on a couple of kilograms.

  • Deboned roast chicken thigh

    Deboned roast chicken thigh

    Deboned roast chicken thigh Tonight I deboned a chicken thigh and rolled it around a baton of Spam plus some thyme and sage. I served it with a salad and some gravy. Check out tonight’s recipe post on Yummy Lummy “Does the size of the bone make any difference to the flavour of your meat?”