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  • The first mango of the season

    The first mango of the season

    My favourite fruit is mango. My favourite mango is the Kensington Pride. The Kensington Pride or Bowen mango is sweet firm and never has that turpentine-like after taste. The Kensington Pride is also never stringy or fibrous and the seed is relat small and flat. When green, the Kensington Pride does well with curry powder…

  • Sausages, frozen vegetables, and gravy

    Sausages, frozen vegetables, and gravy

    Tonight was a very simple meal. I had an unpleasant experience this morning when two men tried to relieve me of my wallet while I was out walking. By the time I got home after work I didn’t feel like cooking much. Ingredients Beef sausages Frozen capsicum, corn, black beans, and peas Gravox™ gravy Instructions…

  • New Year’s Day lunch 2020

    New Year’s Day lunch 2020

    Moreton Bay bugs and Endeavour prawns I’m in Brisbane and staying with my parents. For lunch Ms24 and her BF as well as Ms18 came over. Yesterday I went to Morgan’s Seafood Market at Scarborough and bought some Moreton Bay bugs (Thenus orientalis) and blue Endeavour prawns (Metapenaeus endeavouri). My plan for lunch was for…

  • Unsweetened yoghurt with blueberries and raspberries

    Unsweetened yoghurt with blueberries and raspberries

    As much as I would like a big bowl of ice cream, I make do with unsweetened yoghurt and fruit. Tonight I added fresh blueberries and raspberries. What do you like for dessert?