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  • Leftover congee and pork belly

    Leftover congee and pork belly

    Tonight I made leftover congee and pork belly. It was a good meal on a Friday night after a long week.

  • Sous vide chicken and pressure cooker pumpkin soup

    Sous vide chicken and pressure cooker pumpkin soup

    Recipe Equipment Pressure cooker Stick blender Water bath Water heater/circulator Ingredients Chicken thigh and drumstick Pumpkin Ginger Shallot Spring onion MSG Pepper Maggi original seasoning Instructions The night before place the chicken into a vacuum bag and add some Maggi original seasoning. Seal the bag and put it into the refrigerator. The following day, cook…

  • Pickled pork belly fried rice

    Pickled pork belly fried rice

    Check out this amazing meal which will have your mouth tingling like there is a party in it. Pickled pork belly fried rice with loads of Bird’s-eye chillies to keep your tongue and lips alight.

  • Pork belly and cabbage roll

    Pork belly and cabbage roll

    Last night, I cooked pork belly in the pressure cooker and stir-fried some cabbage. Tonight, I roll it in puff pastry. I was sort of inspired by Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella.

  • Pork belly and cabbage

    Pork belly and cabbage

    Unctuous pork belly cooked in a pressure cooker with Asian flavours. Served with stir-fried cabbage. 🐖🥬🥢

  • Pressure cooker beef brisket

    Pressure cooker beef brisket

    Dear Reader, Readers who got here from Facebook know that I set up this site to try to get past the Facebook ban on Yummy Lummy. I’d appreciate your going to my main food blog and reading this recipe there and please subscribe too 🙂 You nearly received a post about corned silverside tonight, but…

  • Lamb forequarter chops and rice

    Lamb forequarter chops and rice

    Dear Reader, It’s Sunday, and I’m doing two posts this weekend. After last night’s pork belly and noodles, I thought I’d use the same template and replace the pork with lamb and the noodles with rice. If you want to read this recipe on Yummy Lummy, click here. I’d appreciate if you subscribed to Yummy Lummy…

  • Pork belly and fried noodles

    Pork belly and fried noodles

    Dear Reader, Earlier in the week, I made this dish and posted the photo in the Facebook group, “Cooking meals for one”. One of the members, viz., Merryn, suggested I write a post on Yummy Lummy.  I am happy to do this; it makes me giggle though that I’ll not be able to share the post…

  • Iron-clad oven-cooked pork belly with pressure cooker cabbage

    Iron-clad oven-cooked pork belly with pressure cooker cabbage

    So tonight I tried something a little different. Sometimes when I cook a strip of pork belly, in an effort to get some crackling, the muscle meat may become a little dry. To protect the muscle meat I tried tying metal knives on either side of the strip and hoping the metal would conduct sufficient…

  • Oven cooked pork belly and pressure cooker cabbage

    Oven cooked pork belly and pressure cooker cabbage